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Advocating For Change, Inc. is a New York State non-profit corporation with a 501(c)3 tax exempt status. We are based in the Village of Spring Valley, New York and serve mainly African-American and Latino communities in Rockland County.


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Feeding Spring Valley Families

20 May 2020 Hello, Family! COVID-19 has impacted the global community and caused many families to experience unexpected financial struggles. Families plan their household budgets from September to June to include breakfast and lunch normally provided at school! We did not prepare to lose our jobs and have additional expenses, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Please help our families survive this Pandemic by feeding our parents and our babies. About 80,000 pounds of food can feed 500 families of 4. We are taking on this effort for the families of the Village of Spring Valley, NY. WE ARE ALL WE’VE GOT and WE CAN DO THIS! We estimate the all in cost to feed 500 families at $20,000 - or about $40 per family! If each individual, family or sponsor contributes $40, we can supply each sponsored family with about 160 pounds of food. For those who cannot afford $40, we are asking for others to sponsor as many families as possible so that NO FAMILY IS TURNED AWAY. Donate Today!

About AFC

15 May 2020

Advocating For Change builds awareness through our annual programs on behalf of our constituents.

Executive Director, Cassandra Edwards, started her community efforts nearly 18 years ago in the area of youth development by assisting young people within the Nyack and Spring Valley communities to organize and self advocate in their schools and neighborhoods. She continues to mentor and support many of the youth. Among young people, she is affectionately known as "Miss Cass".

Cassandra is a "doer", who is committed to doing all that she can improve the lives of young people as well as providing the young people with the skills, knowledge and direction to contribute to their own growth and development. Cassandra not only supports the young people, she also respectfully challenges them to be accountable for choices and decisions that affect their lives.